Power Distribution Unit (Strip 0-U high) 20 port (PN5320G-AX)

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ATEN Power Distribution Unit (Strip 0-U high) 20 port (17x C13 + 3x C19), 30 Ampere TCP/IP , Real T

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Power Distribution Unit (Strip 0-U high) 20 port (17x C13 + 3x C19), 30 Ampere TCP / IP, Real


The ALTUSEN PN5320 Power Over the NET TM is a power distribution unit that offers outlet level control in combination with remote access, thus giving administrators the ability to control the power supply of devices connected to the unit practically from anywhere in the world through a TCP / IP connection.

With support for power status measurement, the PN5320 allows administrators to monitor the power, voltage and power consumption of IT equipment at the PDU level, reducing energy costs and ensuring high levels of system availability for all server rooms. The dimensions.

The PN5320 PDU is particularly suitable for high density server rooms or data centers. Its compact design allows it to be mounted vertically outside the rack, thus allowing better use of the available space and eliminating the typical cable clutter.

A measurement function and an alarm threshold provide information on the operational status of all connected equipment.

Warning messages about triggered alarms can be sent via an SMTP server.

IT administrators can, if necessary, conveniently monitor and control the power of connected devices remotely via a browser.

This reduces maintenance costs and ensures continuous availability of operations in the server room.

The PN5320 can be connected in cascade to manage further devices; the management of the server room can therefore follow the growth of the company.

For easier management, when PDUs are deployed together with other ALTUSEN products, administrators can access them from the same user interface.

When a PDU is integrated into a CC (Control Center Over the NET TM ) management software installation , it is possible to associate the power socket of a computer device with the relative KVM port and display it on the same CC web page.

This allows IT administrators to fully control a computer device from a single interface.