Lifesize Camera 10x - DSS - 3 yr (1000-2300-0410)

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LifeSize Camera 10x AMS 3Y

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Lifesize Camera 10x - DSS - 3 yr


LifeSize Camera 10x AMS 3Y. Years: 3 year (s)


The Power to Zoom
LifeSize® Camera 10xTM offers the highest quality zoom capability for any size office, conference room, meeting center or auditorium where Full HD quality video must be captured over a distance. To further advance image clarity and flexibility of use, Lifesize Camera 10x delivers immersive image quality in a wide range of light conditions, including low-light environments such as an executive boardroom or a large university lecture hall.

Lifesize Camera 10x is designed to support and enhance HD video communications by providing lifelike video quality through 10x optical zoom, better low-light handling in medium and large spaces and support for Full HD 1080p up to 60 frames per second. LifeSize Camera 10x, bundled with any of the LifeSize®
220TM or LifeSize® IconTM Series offerings, perfectly captures every gesture and facial expression. It’s so detailed and true to life, it’s as if you are there.

With smooth, quiet pan/tilt/zoom handling and the anti-glare visor, LifeSize Camera 10x ensures that conference participants and the information being shared remain the focus of the HD video call. LifeSize Camera 10x is the ideal choice for a truly collaborative, true-to-life communication experience.