USB CPU Module for KH1508 / KH1516 (KA9570-AX)

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ATEN USB CPU Module for KH1508/KH1516

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USB CPU Module for KH1508 / KH1516


KVM USB Adapter Cable (CPU Module) 

The ˜KA9570 ˜ CPU KVM˜ USB adapter cable to connect the USB ports of the server console. These cards are light and sinful, they fit perfectly into most rack mount servers or desktops.



  • Automatic signal compensation (ASC)
  • Hot-Pluggable
  • ˜resolution up to 1280 x 1024 at a distance of up to 40m (130 '); DDC2B.~
  • CPU module designed with automatic conversion to allow flexible combinations interface (PS / 2, USB) to control all types of computers (PC, Mac).
  • Compact dimensions