Microsens Mini Bridge 1x10 / 100Base-TX, 1x100Base-FX (MS400160)

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Microsens Mini Bridge 1x10/100Base-TX, 1x100Base-FX, Multimode 1310nm SC-Connector, incl. ext .pw su

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Microsens Mini Bridge 1x10 / 100Base-TX, 1x100Base-FX, Multimode 1310nm SC-Connector, incl. ext .pw up


· segment splitting and speed adaptation
 · Auto-Negotiation 10 / 100Base-TX
 · half- and fullduplex mode manual configurable
 · multimode max. 2 km, single mode versions up to 125 km, optional with simplex fiber (WDM)
 · ST- / SC-connectors, optional LC, VF-45 and MT-RJ


Fast Ethernet Bridge 1x10 / 100TX 1x100FX Multimode 1300nm SC, ext. power supply

1 x RJ-45
2 x SC

The new Mini Bridge of MICROSENS offers an easy and cost effective integration of 10 Mbit / s Ethernet equipment into modern fiber based Fast Ethernet networks. In addition to the media conversion a speed adjustment is done. This adjustment includes the 10 and 100 Mbit / s speeds as well as the half and full duplex modes.

Existing length restrictions for Ethernet (5 km) and Fast Ethernet segments (412 m) are eleminated by the bridge (segment splitting). Beside the multimode version there are several single mode versions developed for "Fiber To The Home" (FTTH) projects.

With the standard 10 / 100Base-TX interface, the enduser can use internet services, Video on Demand and VoIP applications.