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The First-of-Its-Kind Remote Wireless LAN and Wi-Fi Service Management Platform
Now, Ruckus Wi-Fi systems can be securely controlled, monitored, and upgraded from anywhere in the world, over the Internet or a private IP network—with FlexMaster. It s the industry s only complete management platform for building and managing both Enterprise and Carrier-Grade Wi-Fi Service Infrastructures.

The Ruckus Wireless FlexMaster Management System is a fully-featured, intuitive, and complete, Linux-based managed service platform for configuration, fault detection, audit, and performance management of hundreds of thousands of remote Smart Wi-Fi APs or Smart Wireless LANs (WLANs). FlexMaster is a Wi-Fi management platform for enterprises of all sizes. It enables network administrators to perform all critical functions necessary to set up, maintain, and optimize the deployment of their business Wi-Fi networks—all from a single point.

With FlexMaster, providers gain the benefits of:
- Easy installation and use by automatically discovering deployed devices in the network.
- Carrier-grade scalability.
- Bulk configuration and firmware upgrades eliminate tedious remote configuration
- Seamless integration with existing OSS systems..(continua...)