Aten PS / 2 Cable For PS / 2 Computer 10m (2L-1010P)

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Aten 30ft PS/2 KVM cable Black 10 m
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Aten PS / 2 Cable For PS / 2 Computer 10m


The cables that you use when connecting your computer to our MasterView KVM switches play a very important role in the quality of the communication between the PCs and the MasterView unit. Our custom made cables are designed to provide the highest signal capacity along with the lowest signal loss. What this means, to you as the consumer, is that you will receive the highest quality video output even in the higher SuperVGA video modes.

An Average Cable Your average cable has one layer of shielding, a thin layer of mylar foil that has been cut into a very long and narrow, approximately one half of an inch wide, strip that is wound in a spiral pattern around the wires, also called leads, in order to reduce the cost of the cable. There are a few problems with this method of shielding a signal bearing cables, first and foremost among them is the fact that this wrapped foil method can "leak" RF (radio frequency) interference. Additionally the manufacturers of your average cables use very small wires to carry the information generally they use 28 or 26 AWG wires (in AWG the higher the number for the gauge the smaller the actual size of the wire) to carry their information, this is another concession to reducing the manufacturing costs of the cables.



Color of the product Black
Kind of connector Male Female
Cable length 10 m
I / O ports 4x 6 pin mini-DIN Male \ n1x 15 pin HDB Male \ n1x 15 pin HDB Female