Microsens Fast Ethernet Media Converter (MS410640-V2)

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Microsens Fast Ethernet Media Converter 100Base-TX/100Base-FX, SC-Connector, Multimode 1310nm, incl.
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Microsens Fast Ethernet Media Converter 100Base-TX / 100Base-FX, SC-Connector, Multimode 1310nm, incl.


Media Converter 100Base-FX / 100Base-TX, 1310 nm Multimode, 2 km, includes power supply

2 x SC
1 x RJ-45


The MICROSENS Fast-Ethernet Media Converter 100Base-FX / 100Base-TX, compliant with IEEE 802.3u, permits the repeaterless coupling of Twisted Pair to optical fiber in Fast-Ethernet networks.

The repeaterless connection allows the extension of twisted pair cable beyond the conventional limit. The converter is available as single mode or multimode with standard SC-connectors (ST optional).

The converter supports full as well as half duplex connections. In the full duplex mode distances of up to 2 km can be covered. The direct connection permits the extension of twisted pair cable beyond the limit of 100 m.

The converter is also available in the form of a patch panel insertion card, which can be built into the MICROSENS 19 "chassis. The unit houses a maximum of up to 12 converters and one PSU.

The patch panel insertion card is particularly useful to enable high flexibility and economical use of optical fiber infrastructure

The LED display indicates the function status of the converter and can be used for error diagnostics.

The MICROSENS Fast Ethernet Media Converter 100Base-FX / 100Base-TX is available as insertion module for the
modular 19 " Plug-in system.