Netgear Omnidirectional 9dBi Indoor / Outdoor (ANT224D10-10000S)

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Netgear ProSAFE Directional antenna N-type 10dBi network antenna
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16332 Netgear Omnidirectional 9dBi Indoor / Outdoor Antenna - 2.4 GHz ideal for applications 8


2.4 GHz ideal frequency for 802.11b / g applications
N female jack connector and N to SMA adapter
brackets and screws for wall mounting
Cable to be purchased separately


High speed. Big range. Serious durability.

Optimal for building-to-building deployments outdoors or floor-to-floor connectivity indoors, boost your RF signal in a specific direction for long range point-to-point connections with ProSAFE® 10 DBI Directional antenna at wireless 802.11n speeds.

Optimize WLAN Range and Power with the ProSAFE® 10 dBi 2x2 Indoor/Outdoor Directional Antenna

The ANT224D10 2.4 GHz antenna provides extended range connectivity for point-topoint wireless bridges at wireless 802.11n speeds. With a maximum range of 8.5 KM, the ANT224D10 enables high speed connections for building-to-building deployments. Additionally, this antenna can be used indoors for floor-to-floor connectivity or to provide a narrow beam of coverage. Due to the multiple streams of traffic in the 802.11n specification, this antenna requires two antenna cables, which are available in a variety of lengths. It includes several mounting options and comes with wall/pole mounting hardware. Cables are sold separately.

NETGEAR ProSafe® line of antennas and accessories for 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n devices give you multiple options for maximizing the reach and performance of your wireless infrastructure devices. 




Height 56 mm
Horizontal radius amplitude 360 °
Vertical beam width 30 °
Frequency band 2.4 - 2.485
Color of the product White
Operating temperature range -30 - 80 ° C
Width 625 mm
Antenna gain level (max) 9 dBi
Cable length 2 m
Maximum operating distance 11500 m
mounting Wall
Weight 900 g
Polarization Vertical polarization
Depth 75 mm
Quantity 1
Network standard IEEE 802.11g
Antenna connector type Type No.
Antenna type Omni-directional antenna
Genre type Female connector
use Internal and external